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Shri Balaji Jeevan Kiran Foundation

Rehabilitation Centre, Nasha Mukti Kendra

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Back in 2009

Jeevan Kiran has been working successfully in the field of drug de-addiction & Rehabilitation since 2009.First time Jeevan Kiran pariwar introduces the twelve step programme relating to A.N. (Narcotics Anonymous).

If you are interested to know a little about N.A. programme of recovery from addiction after going through you may feel that Jeevan Kiran drug de-addiction & rehabilitation center has nothing to offer but only provides service in the field of addiction. Now this is up to you to decide a life with full of joy or attains death by using drugs or alcohol.

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What says - W.H.O. & I.M.C

According to World Health Organization and Indian medical council it is prove that there is no medicine or any medicinal treatment for curing drugs & alcohol addiction.

A new Outlook

In present synerio modern youth thinks that life is unbearable without using of drugs. But we have a different approach towards life all together. Today we feel a new dimension has been added to our lives. Today we have new friends, new horizons and new altitudes. Anyone who turns to Jeevan Kiran with faith can be assured that his anonymity will be protected and maintained at all costs

Good news for an Addict

An addict can never use drugs moderately like social users. Since it is an illness a physical compulsion with a mental obsession he has to abstain completely in order to lead a normal life. An addict is a sike person suffering from an incurable disease. An addict could never return to normal social drug user. He can never become a social drug user.