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Jeevan Kiran has been working successfully in the field of drug de-addiction & Rehabilitation since 2009.
First time Jeevan Kiran pariwar introduces the twelve step programme relating to A.N. (Narcotics Anonymous).

In House

Jeevan Kiran provides in house case facility to alcoholic and drug addict through counseling and rehabilitation.

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Therapy Based

We provide therapy based 12 step recovery programme of Narcotics Anonymous, which followed worldwide in rehabilitation centers.

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Physicians and Neurologist

We provide Medical Psychological and psychiatric case through physicians and neurologist.

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Meditation and Counseling

We provide therapy based on yoga, prayers, meditation and counseling for spiritual awakening, spiritual healing on the patient.

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Alcoholics, Drug Addicts

We provide experiences, strength and hope to alcoholics and drug addicts to regain their self respect, self esteem, confidence to start a new meaning full, purposeful and spiritual life.

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Care with Love

We provide love, care concern to alcoholics and drug addicts making a responsible person.

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Best Infra & Food

We provide best infrastucture to our patient for his best recovery. We always think about our patient health so provide best food for them on time

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Life Education

Drugs and Alcohol often stick a persons attention on past bad experiences. Through a series of cognitive therapy exercises a person’s consciousness is brought more and more into their present time environment.

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Why choose us?

The reasons that you should contact us


Over 13 years of experience.

Jeevan Kiran rehabilitation centre started his journey in 2008, so we have lots of experience in this field


We have experienced Doctor's and other staff

Our staff are well experienced as well as highly educated in the field of rehabilitation, de-addiction, alcoholics etc.


We are improving everyday.

We are improving our services, facilities, infra-structure, technology etc on behalf of moving day.